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Why You Need Telehealth in the Philippines

by GMDP December 27 2021

With 7,640 islands in the Philippines, physicians and patients need to connect with each other despite the distance. 

That is where Telehealth comes in. To help bridge the gap between patients and physicians. Telehealth is a digital innovation in Healthcare that uses information technology to access healthcare services and health records remotely. Telehealth services help both physicians and patients communicate with each other anytime and anywhere they may be.

Telehealth may include: 

Virtual Consultations

Physicians can now check up on their patients with the use of voice calls or video-conferencing. 

Health Educational Videos

Physicians may sometimes send their patients videos that can help you take care of your health. May it be how-to videos or sometimes simple exercises videos. 

Remote Patient Monitoring 

Physicians can now deliver healthcare services anywhere they may be. Physicians can monitor heart rates with the use of a portable device that patients can use in their homes.


Patient Portals

With the use of Telehealth, patients can now see their health and medical records, prescriptions, schedules, and can send inquiries all in one place.

Why You Need Telehealth in the Philippines 

Virtual Consultations

In the Philippines where traffic has been a major concern since before, Telehealth is truly needed in the country. As mentioned above, Telehealth can provide virtual consultations for physicians and patients. 

May it be through video conferencing or simple voice calls, consultations can now be done at the comfort of one’s home. Patients just need a smart device, an internet connection and a comfortable spot where they can proceed with the consultation. 

Digitizing Health and Medical Records 

Since the Philippines is a tropical country, storms may happen from time to time. Unfortunately, some storms are stronger than others, and during these storms, floods may occur to. 

We dont wish it, but as natural as it is, some papaer records are destroyed during these disasters. A manual paper setting is hard to secure during those hard times. 

When health and medical records are uploaded online, they are much more secured. They are protected from the dangers of natural disasters because they are stored online. 

Not only does it affect storage concerns, but accessibility as well. Sometimes a patients has multiple physicians and these physicians may not live close to each other. When records can be accessible online, physicians can easily access and review it, and all of them will have one unform data to look at. 

Patient Portals 

Also mentioned above, Telehealth also uses the feature “Patient Portal”. Considering that we have different languages, inquiries and calls may be a little challenging here in the Philippines. 

Misunderstandings and miscommunications may occur when patients do not completely understand the healthcare facility’s staff and vice versa. It would also be inefficient if a healthcare staff redundantly answers the same questions to different patients. 

Patient portals help with that. With it, patients can have an access to the frequently asked questions, their billings and payments and will also be reminded of their schedules and appointments. 

Patient portals help patients have a way to answer their inquiries without much of a hassle, and for them to access the things they want to know in just one platform. 

Telehealth may be considered new in the Philippines compared with other countries but we no longer need to prove how much we need it anymore. 

More and more healthcare providers and patients are switching to Telehealth for their healthcare needs. Not only because it's a trend nowadays but because it has already proven its worth. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has shed a light on how Telehealth has helped healthcare workers here in the country, and basically in all countries around the world. 


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