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Why Use Global MD Plus For Your Medical Practice?

by GMDP November 22 2021

Healthcare providers, like doctors, surgeons, physicians, and alike have spent many years studying in a medical school, internships, and practice proper. Student physicians have learned a lot of values and qualities to equip them into becoming the best healthcare professionals they may be. 

One of the key qualities that a physician must possess is adaptability. Being able to adapt to the demands of this modern world is important especially in the healthcare field. There are a lot of innovations that have helped transform the quality of patient care given. However, due to the sudden COVID-19 pandemic, one healthcare innovation stood up the most, that is, Telehealth. 

Telehealth is an electronic healthcare innovation that helps physicians deliver patient care remotely. Telehealth uses digital software to help both patients and physicians have access to electronic health and electronic medical records whenever and wherever they may need it. 

There are various Telehealth providers around the world, as well as here in the Philippines. Telehealth providers must ensure that they deliver efficient and good-quality services. Part of which is to ensure that the data is safe and kept confidential, the interface should be simple and easy to use, cost-effective, and is regularly updated with new software and security tools. 

One of these local Telehealth providers is Global MD Plus. Global MD is a Philippine-based electronic healthcare systems provider that aims to provide better healthcare for Filipinos. Global MD Plus modifies its system to cater to the individual and unique needs of our physicians to ensure better healthcare.

This is why you should use Global MD Plus for your medical practice. 

  1. Key Features

Global MD Plus 4 key features which make it equipped with all the resources patients and physicians may need. Each of the features has different functions but all of them aim to improve the quality of patient care. 


Global MD Plus’ Telehealth system offers Telemedicine, Electronic Health Records, and Electronic Medical Records. They use accurate and updated information to bring patients’ information to physicians whenever they may need it. 

Their Telehealth program is convenient and accessible to all patients especially those who have mobility concerns.It also gives physicians the convenience of treating patients without traveling long distances. 

Patient Portal 

Encouraging patient involvement is the reason why Global MD Plus has incorporated Patient Portal into its system. Patient portals help physicians effectively communicate with their patients. Patients can also keep track of all of their electronic health records and electronic medical records, prescriptions, laboratory results, billing, and more in just one platform. 

Administrative Support 

Not only patients and physicians benefit from the benefits of Global MD Plus, but healthcare staff as well. With the use of Administrative Support, routine tasks are now streamlined and automatized. Healthcare staff can now access data faster and easier on a digital platform. This will prevent human errors and transaction delays. 

User Support 

Global MD Plus’ User Support makes use of digital systems to improve operations and decision-making. This kind of service integrates all font office tasks into a much more accessible online platform. 

  1. Cost-Effective

Compared to other Telehealth service providers, Global MD Plus is more affordable at only 990 pesos per month. Their services include, Patient’s Digital Information, Electronic Health Records, Electronic Medical Records, Patient’s Allergy List, Patient’s Medication List, Patient’s Problem List, Patient’s Documents, Physician’s Active Tasks,  Appointment List,  Remote Monitoring of Vital Signs, Monitoring of ECG and Blood Pressure, Arranges Virtual Doctor and Patient Consultations, Conducts Prescribing of Medications and Providing Diagnoses and Evaluations to Patients.

It helps that Global Md Plus offers monthly payments so that whenever a physician decides not to avail of the service anymore, he or she can just cancel the subscription on the next month. 

  1. Free Trial

To help physicians and patients decide if they should or not invest in a Telehealth system, Global MD Plus is giving a free trial of all of their services for 30 days. 

This free trial benefits both the physicians and Global MD Plus. In this way, physicians can suggest some changes or inputs to further improve the services of Global MD Plus. 

During the free 30-day trial, physicians can explore the wonders of Telehealth and be familiar with how the system works. When a physician is already familiar with it, it will be easier for him to teach and give knowledge to their patients on how to use it and of course, give them a gist on how this service can help improve their health.

Choosing the right Telehealth provider for your company or your own practice may be a tough decision to make. Since it's an investment, physicians may think that a Telehealth service may not make a drastic difference in their usual way of delivering patient care. 

However, ever since the pandemic has started, Telehealth has proven itself to be a need more than just a mere want. Now more than ever, physicians must adjust to the needs of healthcare in this modern world. Thankfully service providers like Global MD Plus, are here to help. 


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