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Why Recommend Global MD Plus to Fellow Doctors

by GMDP January 04 2022

No one was ready for the pandemic. Not even doctors, nurses, or other healthcare providers. No one was ever prepared for it. 

Despite the numerous pieces of training of physicians, the COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 

The public has shown support for all healthcare providers especially in this time of the pandemic. A lot of people have shown sympathy and concern for our healthcare professionals. Yet, no one really knows the struggle of physicians other than their fellow physicians. It takes one to know one, as they may say. 

Thankfully, in this pandemic, health innovations have risen. It has been proven that the burden of healthcare providers has been lighter because of these innovations. 

With the rise of healthcare innovations, various service providers have also emerged. In the Philippines, we have Global MD Plus. 

Global MD Plus is a Philippine-based electronic healthcare systems provider that aims to provide better healthcare for Filipinos. Global MD Plus modifies its system to cater to the individual and unique needs of our physicians to ensure better healthcare.

Why Recommend Global MD Plus to Fellow Doctors

  1. Free Trial 

In the sense of humanity, we do not want to suggest something to our colleagues that may make them lose a big amount financially. Global MD Plus is ideal to be recommended by other doctors because it offers a 30-day free trial of all of their services. 

During the free 30-day trial, doctors can explore the wonders of Telehealth and be familiar with how the system works. When a doctor is already familiar with it, it will be easier for him to teach and give knowledge to their patients on how to use it and of course, give them a gist on how this service can help improve their practice. 

This free trial benefits both the physicians and Global MD Plus. In this way, doctors can suggest some changes or inputs to further improve the services of Global MD Plus. 

  1. Cost-Effective 

After the free 30-day trial, if doctors would want to continue with the Global MD Plus subscription, the monthly fee is 990 pesos. 

Global Md Plus offers monthly payments in order that whenever a doctor decides not to avail of the service anymore, he or she can just cancel the subscription on the next month or whenever they may want. 

The monthly subscription includes Patient’s Digital Information, Electronic Health Records, Electronic Medical Records, Patient’s Allergy List, Patient’s Medication List, Patient’s Problem List, Patient’s Documents, Physician’s Active Tasks, 

Appointment List,  Remote Monitoring of Vital Signs, Monitoring of ECG and Blood Pressure, Arranges Virtual Doctor and Patient Consultations, Conducts Prescribing of Medications and Providing Diagnoses and Evaluations to Patients.

  1. Local

Global MD Plus is based in the Philippines and is made to adjust to the needs of Filipino patients and doctors. . It is easier for doctors to recommend Global MD Plus to their fellow doctors because since it is Philippine-based, there will be lesser miscommunication and the policies that are being practiced by doctors and the service provider are the same.

When it comes to financial aspects, it is also ideal to subscribe to a local Telehealth provider. Electronic payments are made easy because of the various local options. No currency exchange is needed anymore too and that lessens the burdens of both patients and doctors. 

Although these health innovations lessen the burdens and difficult tasks of doctors, they cannot completely take it away nor do these innovations substitute doctors in any way. 

Healthcare innovations help doctors and doctors also help improve these innovations. They work for hand and hand with one goal, to improve the quality of patient care here in the Philippines. 


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