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Important Benefits of Telehealth for Filipinos

by GMDP October 28 2021

Important Benefits of Telehealth for Filipinos

With more than 2 million total cases, and still rising, the Philippines is indeed severely affected by the COVID-19 virus. Filipinos are now shifting to Telemedicine to take care of their health as well as minimize the risk of contracting the virus.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way physicians deliver patient care. Travel restrictions around the world are enforced and we are continually encouraged to stay at home to reduce the surge of patients in hospitals. 

The healthcare industry adjusts how they deliver their services without the need for in-person encounters. The industry now relies on telemedicine tools to keep track of their patient’s well-being. 

Telemedicine innovations such as Telehealth, Electronic Health Records and Electronic Medical records keep both patients and physicians keep on communicating their health and medical concerns without needing to travel or go outside of their homes. 

Telehealth, just like any other telemedicine tool, helps improve the provision of medical and healthcare services. Telehealth is an important tool for physicians to deliver patient care anytime it is needed while keeping themselves and their patients safe. 

Different as we are, Telehealth modalities have different varieties to suit our preferences and to adjust to what our health needs. The people who are at greater risk of contracting the virus-like the elderly, or people who need to be monitored every day still need to be treated despite the ongoing pandemic. 

Telehealth Modalities 


Synchronous consultations are real-time consultations usually done over the phone or through video conferencing applications. In some cases though, patients need to be examined physically by healthcare staff, and the physicians communicate with them through a video call or sometimes, conduct a remote evaluation. 



Asynchronous consultations, on the contrary, are not real-time consultations. Patients can send lab results, x-ray results, or other health documents to their physicians and the physicians can review the documents first and give their evaluation at a later time. Patient portals are vital in this type of consultation because patients can communicate, ask questions and send files to their doctors whenever they need to. 


In remote monitoring, patients no longer need to send the documents and files to their patients. Healthcare facilities can now automatically transfer these files to their respective physicians. 

Benefits of Telehealth

We have listed down the benefits of Telehealth for Filipinos because it is more than just talking to your physicians from a mobile device. 

  1. Electronic Prescriptions

Even before the pandemic, buying in pharmacies may be too time-consuming and harder for patients with mobility problems. Long queues, illegible prescriptions and unavailable medicines are usually common settings in physical pharmacies. 

With the use of these electronic prescriptions, physicians can directly contact tele-pharmacies to handle the medications of their patients. Patients no longer need to wait in line but they can already pick up their medicines at their most convenient time. 

  1. Improved Scheduling

Manual scheduling may bring a lot of miscommunication and misunderstanding as compared to digital scheduling. Healthcare staff no longer need to call patients multiple times because a system will now give them notifications. 

  1. Electronic Health Records

Given the traffic situation of the country, going to healthcare facilities just to view health records is stressful and time-consuming. When health records are now stored online, both physicians and patients can have an easy and convenient way to access information. 

  1. Virtual Recording of Measurements

Patients no longer need to visit clinics to have their blood pressure, weight, measurements and hate rate checked. They can now have it manually checked and send the results to their physicians for diagnosis. 

  1. Patient Portal 

Having an online platform on which patients can communicate with their healthcare providers is important. In a patient portal, patients can check their test results, diagnosis, request prescriptions and schedule an appointment with their physicians. Having one place for all of the information patients need helps them be fully aware and participative in their health. 

  1. Virtual Consultations

In a Telehealth system, virtual consultations are the most used tool. Visits and consultations can now be done at the convenience of their own homes. No more risk of going out of the house, with the risk of contracting the virus. 

  1. Increased Patient Engagement 

Patients are more engaged when they are the ones who check on their health records and schedule their appointments. When information is readily available, patients will not have a hard time reviewing their information. 

  1. Better Quality of Care

With quicker diagnosis and real-time consultations, better patient care will be delivered. Timeliness is one of the key features of a telehealth system. And as we all know, timeliness is needed to improve the quality of patient care. 

  1. Managing of Data Overload

More patients mean more data. Without the use of Telehealth, a healthcare facility might have a hard time storing and sorting bulks of documents. With this inefficiency, privacy and security issues may arise. When there is data overload in a traditional pen and paper setting, healthcare staff need to go through bulks of paper documents and that will cause delays and even serious consequences when certain information is urgently needed. 

  1. Streamlining of Tasks

Telehealth not only helps patients and physicians but also healthcare staff. Telehealth streamlines workflow processes to make tasks more efficient and effective. Communication inside a facility is easier now, considering that data and information are stored online. Healthcare staff can now look at the same platform and not be confused about whether or not the information is updated. 

Telehealth for Filipinos

When technology helps healthcare providers and staff, a lot of labor-intensive tasks can be minimized so that they can focus more on giving their patients the highest quality of care they can give. 

Considering that the Philippines is an archipelago and border restrictions are being placed everywhere. It is unlikely that some of the patients’ physicians live in a different city. This is why we need Telehealth in the Philippines now more than ever. Telehealth also helps Filipinos who are living in rural areas and hard-to-reach places. 

The future of telehealth depends on the now. Just like any other digital innovation, telehealth is not perfect. Yet the more we use it, the more developers are aware of what to fix and improve. 

To help with the improvement of Telehealth in the Philippines, Global MD Plus is a Filipino healthcare system. Their goal has always been to improve the quality of healthcare in the Philippines. They currently have a free 30-day trial of their services including their Telehealth service. All you have to do is visit their website, and register. You can also visit their Facebook page and ask for a free demo if you wish to have one. 


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