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How Global MD Plus Telehealth Feature Can Help Patients

by GMDP December 15 2021

The needs of the patients do not stay the same. They change over time. 

Healthcare innovations like Telehealth help the healthcare industry compete with the demands of today’s modern health needs. 

Telehealth is a digital innovation in Healthcare that uses information technology to access healthcare services and health records remotely. Telehealth services help both physicians and patients communicate with each other anytime and anywhere they may be. 

Telehealth may be in a form of Virtual Consultations where physicians can now check up on their patients with the use of voice calls or video-conferencing.

It may also be through Health Educational Videos. Where physicians may sometimes send their patients videos that can help you take care of your health. May it be how-to videos or simple exercises videos. 

Telehealth can also be Remote Patient Monitoring. Physicians can now deliver healthcare services anywhere they may be with the use of Telehealth. 

Telehealth also provides Patient Portals. Patients can now see their health and medical records, prescriptions, schedules, and can send inquiries all in one place.

Given the various features of Telehealth. It is truly safe to say that patients can greatly benefit from it. Having a single platform for all of your needs is much needed in today's modern world. 

A Philippine-based Telehealth service provider like Global MD Plus aims to improve the quality of patient care. Their Telehealth service aims to encourage patients to be more involved in their own health. 

How Global MD Plus’ Telehealth Feature Helps Patients

Increased Involvement

The saying, “No one knows you better than yourself” also applies to your health. No one knows your health more than you do. No one will actually know what you truly feel except yourself. When data and information are available to patients, patients become more engaged. 

If there is a single platform that is also easy to use, patients themselves will be the ones to check on their health records and schedule their appointments. This increased patients’ involvement in their own health. 

Patient Portal

The greatest benefit of Telehealth perhaps to patients is the Patient Portal. As mentioned above, a patient portal is a platform where patients see their health and medical records, prescriptions, schedules, and can send inquiries all in one place. 

Patients will no longer have to wait for too long for their inquiries to be answered. They can now just check on their patient portal for frequently asked questions to help them understand their situation better.

Through patient portals, patients can also see their billings and other financial documents. There will be less miscommunication and confusion because patients will now have a complete breakdown of their fees. 

Electronic Health and Medical Records

Patients no longer need to gather records from different healthcare facilities. They can now save time and effort because these health records can now be automatically be uploaded online. Patients can greatly benefit from this because when a record is automated, there will be a less waiting time. 

Patients will be less anxious because they know that they can get their results in a shorter period of time. It will also be easier for multiple physicians to get access to their patient’s records when it is uploaded online. Multiple physicians can look at the same record easily so as to lessen misdiagnosis. 

Virtual Consultations

Patients no longer need to travel long distances and endure the stress brought by traffic to just have their in-person consultations. Consultations can now be made virtually. Either through video conferencing or voice calls. Patients can now communicate to their physicians in the comfort of their own homes. 

Patients may be hesitant in subscribing to a telehealth service at first. That is why it is important for us to research and read more about what Telehealth is all about. Global MD Plus, a local telehealth service provider, is ready to provide you with the information you may need.


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