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How Global MD Plus Telehealth Feature Can Help Doctors in the Philippines

by GMDP December 19 2021

We have all seen by now the selfless sacrifices by doctors and nurses. Their sacrifices have been going on for too long, but the COVID-19 pandemic has shed more light into it. 

Not only do Healthcare innovations aim to improve the quality of patient care but also lessen the workload and burden of healthcare workers. 

One of the most helpful healthcare innovations for physicians is Telehealth

Telehealth is an electronic healthcare innovation that helps physicians deliver patient care remotely. Telehealth uses digital software to help both patients and physicians have access to electronic health and electronic medical records whenever and wherever they may need it.

There are various Telehealth service providers in the country, one of which is Global MD Plus. Global MD Plus is a Philippine-based Telehealth service provider. It aims to provide a more efficient patient care through electronic technologies. 

How Global MD Plus Telehealth Feature Can Help Doctors in the Philippines

  1. Accessibility 

Global MD Plus works in mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers and laptops. We understand that not all patients and physicians have the luxury to have different smart devices. Whether you feel comfortable using a phone or a computer, Global MD Plus is accessible. 

Global MD Plus is also accessible in all areas here in the Philippines. Sometimes physicians and patients do not live in the same city, or may be living too far from each other. That is why we altered our system to fit the needs of Filipinos in different parts of the country. 

  1. Affordability 

We know that almost everyone has been affected financially by the pandemic. Even physicians. That is why we aim to help lessen the workload of physicians without adding to their financial burden. 

Global MD Plus offers their services for only 990 Pesos a month. This includes Telehealth and their other services as well. Their services include, Patient’s Digital Information, Electronic Health Records, Electronic Medical Records, Patient’s Allergy List, Patient’s Medication List, Patient’s Problem List, Patient’s Documents, Physician’s Active Tasks,  Appointment List,  Remote Monitoring of Vital Signs, Monitoring of ECG and Blood Pressure, Arranges Virtual Doctor and Patient Consultations, Conducts Prescribing of Medications and Providing Diagnoses and Evaluations to Patients.

Free trial

To further help physicians decide if they should or not invest in a Telehealth system, Global MD Plus is giving a free trial of all of their services for 30 days. With no commitment, physicians can freely explore the wonders of Telehealth. 

  1. Local

As mentioned above, Global MD Plus is based in the Philippines. Their services are altered to adjust to the needs of Filipino physicians. Communication is important between Physicians and the service providers, when both speak the same language, it will be easier and more convenient. 

When a service provider is based locally, they would know how the healthcare industry works. Considering that the healthcare industry works differently from one country to another. 

When it comes to finances, a local Telehealth provider is ideal for Filipino physicians. Electronic payments are made easy because of the various local payment options. No currency exchange is needed anymore and that lessens the complications in a physician's end. 

  1. Patient Portal

A doctor’s day is undoubtedly very busy. Most of the time, doctors can no longer cater to all of the questions and inquiries of their patients especially if they are done all at the same time. Global MD Plus helps with that. 

Encouraging patient involvement is the reason why Global MD Plus has incorporated Patient Portal into its system. Patient portals help physicians effectively communicate with their patients. Patients can also keep track of all of their electronic health records and electronic medical records, prescriptions, laboratory results, billing, and more in just one platform.

We all know that physicians have been really working hard ever since. Even before the pandemic. We thank healthcare innovations such as Telehealth that help physicians be more efficient in giving patient care so that they may also have the time to take care of themselves and their loved ones. 


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