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How Global MD Plus is Changing The Healthcare Landscape in the Philippines

by GMDP December 30 2021

Every single thing in this world is constantly changing and revolving. When something stops changing it is left behind. This is why it is important for the Healthcare industry to keep on growing.

All thanks to Technology, the healthcare industry is now benefiting from different healthcare providers. May it be Teleheath, Electronic Health and Medical Records, New Health Devices and more. 

With this, the healthcare industry has become a competitive place. There are multiple service providers around the world and here in the Philippines, one of our local providers is Global MD Plus. 

Global MD Plus is a Philippine-based electronic healthcare systems provider that aims to provide better healthcare for Filipinos. Global MD Plus modifies its system to cater to the individual and unique needs of our physicians to ensure better healthcare.

How Global MD Plus is Changing The Healthcare Landscape in the Philippines

Global MD Plus Provides Virtual Access To Doctors

Finding a doctor has been hard because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the case of patients having an attending physician already, it may also be hard to visit their physicians especially in-person. 

For a long time, we are used to having consultations in-person. We were used to having to call a clinic to schedule an appointment and waiting in line for hours for a consultation.

Global MD Plus helps with this. With our Telehealth feature, physicians and patients can now have their consultations virtually. It can be done either through video-conferencing or phone call, whatever a patient may prefer. 

Global MD Plus Provides Medical Information ASAP

With the use of Global MD Plus’s features like Telehealth, Electronic Health Records , Electronic Medical Records, Patient Portals, Administrative Support and User Support, information may be available to both patients and physicians the moment they need it. 

It may seem such a hassle if a person needs to have an urgent answer to a question yet it is already beyond clinic hours. With our Administrative and User Support feature, your physician or a healthcare staff can help answer your inquiries anytime and anywhere you may be. 

Patients no longer need to travel far distances just to ask an urgent inquiry. This will reduce the time and effort of both patients and physicians. While also giving patients what they need the soonest time possible. 

Global MD Plus Increases Privacy 

A patient may have different reasons on why they are hesitant in doing physical consultations. It may be because they are afraid of contracting the virus, a clinic may be too far from their home, or simply because they do not want to be seen in a healthcare facility. Some may find this attitude bizarre but it is completely understandable and common, actually. 

Global MD Plus keeps the privacy of patients. During virtual consultations, a patient no longer needs to expose himself to other people because these consultations are done one-on-one and virtually. 

Patients take laboratory results and sometimes they will feel uncomfortable when their personal result is being shared with others, or can simply be seen by other healthcare staff. Global MD Plus helps with this by giving an option to automatically send a patient's result to their personal physician. 

Global MD Plus just like other service providers is still new and learning the basics of providing great patient care. It aims to inform both patients and physicians about the multiple benefits of healthcare innovations. 

The healthcare industry continues to evolve to adapt the needs of the patients, it would not reach its full potential if the industry stays stagnant and unmoved, that is why we need service providers like Global MD Plus to help us with that. 


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