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How an Electronic Health Record System in the Philippines Can Help Doctors

by GMDP December 09 2021

No doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected the Philippines and the healthcare industry in the country. 

The pandemic has greatly affected the health of physicians. The pandemic has made them stressed and drained not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. This can oftentimes lead to burnouts for doctors, and if you add the labor-intensive tasks they perform everyday then it will result in great exhaustion. 

Thankfully, there are now modern innovations in the Healthcare industry. These innovations help lessen the burdens of healthcare providers. One of these is the Electronic Health Record System or most commonly referred to as EHR.

An electronic health record system is a collection of a patient’s healthcare information. It contains a patient’s demographic data, medical history, and hospitalization records.

An EHR system helps healthcare facilities implement faster physician diagnoses and improve the communication between physicians and patients. Electronic Health Records help patients view their healthcare history and important clinical notes. 

The system makes patients feel more secure because it includes them as part of the process. This promotes awareness of their own health and medical condition.

How an Electronic Health Record System in the Philippines Can Help Doctors

Geographically speaking, the Philippines is an archipelago. That is why there are barriers and difficulties when patients and physicians live in a different city or region from each other. It would take a lot of time and effort for patients to travel away from home just to submit a document to his or her physician. Digitizing these records is really beneficial to both patients and physicians. 

There are a lot of advantages when physicians switch to electronic records from traditional paper records. We have listed some for you to consider before subscribing to an EHR system. 

  1. Less Medical Errors

Considering that physicians have a lot on their plate every single day, manually writing or compiling health records may be the reason why there are a lot of medical errors. If health records are digitized, information is provided to a physician, the moment they need it, and as a result, medical errors will be lessened. 

Electronic health records give physicians more accurate information compared to manually written paper records. These paper records come with illegibility and may not be updated. If health situations are not addressed immediately, it may have a bad implication to a patient’s health or worse, their life.

  1. Increased Productivity

When time is used in important tasks rather than minimal yet labor-intensive tasks, productivity will be increased. It would be safe to say that healthcare staff should not waste too much time manually storing health charts when there is an option that can help them upload the files to save time and effort. 

When an EHR system is integrated within a facility, searching for a patient’s health record will be more efficient and faster. Healthcare staff and physicians can now save on time because schedules will also be linked to clinical notes.

3. Improved Patient Care

Less storing, more caring. When physicians spend more time attending to the needs of their patients than filing, writing and compiling their paper records, patient satisfaction will be greatly improved. 

When you give physicians better access to the information of their patients, they can deliver quick and good diagnoses.  When physicians are updated with the latest health updates of their patients, their patients will feel more secure and confident.

An EHR system improves coordination among healthcare providers and staff. What one physician wrote, other physicians can also see. This reduces duplication and miscommunications. 

Given the COVID-19 situation around the world and here in the Philippines, physicians must develop the ability to adapt to the latest trends in healthcare to improve the way they deliver care. An electronic health record system can help them be one step ahead.


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