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Global MD Plus Telehealth Feature

by GMDP December 06 2021

Let nothing stop you from providing patient care. 

With Global MD Plus’ new Telehealth feature, physicians can now deliver patient care remotely. Both physicians and patients no longer need to travel long distances and risk contracting the COVID- 19 virus by going out of their houses frequently for regular check-ups and consultations. 

Global MD’s Telehealth feature provides virtual consultations. May it be through chat support, voice calls, and video conferencing. Not only that though, patients and physicians can also access electronic medical and health records on the Global MD Plus’ platform. 

Our main objective is to make our telehealth program more convenient and accessible to all of our users especially to those who have limited mobility and transportation options. This program makes health care more efficient, closer to home, and provides support for self-management. Having the convenience of giving treatment to patients without traveling long distances. Where technology meets healthcare, even in the comfort of one’s home.

All patients and physicians need to have in their Telehealth consultations are an internet connection, smart device, and a comfortable place. The virtual consultations are usually the same as the usual in-person consultations. They usually last from 15 minutes to an hour. Considering that too much radiation from smart devices can harm both patients and physicians, virtual consultations are usually made quicker and shorter. Also, there is not much time wasted and no more waiting time as compared to in-person visits.

To make the Telehealth experience great, we have customized our services to adjust to the needs of physicians and patients. We created an easy-to-use system to ensure the overall quality of our Telehealth services.  We also make sure that our systems are constantly updated to the latest technology upgrades to ensure smooth workflow processes and improve privacy and security. 

We ensure our clients that they need not worry about their health and medical records because we value confidentiality. No one will be able to view a patient’s record except for the patient itself, his attending physicians, and the healthcare staff. 

We also made sure that our interface is easy to use and understand. We aim that within a few clicks, physicians and patients can receive the information they want to retrieve. We do not want to be a cause of delays for our clients since we are aware that some information may be vital to situations that are life-threatening. 

As mentioned above, considering that Telehealth is still relatively new in the country, we do not want to complicate its usage and functions. We want our clients to be able to understand what Telehealth brings to their health without making them feel clueless on how to manage and operate the system. We also make sure that our healthcare assistants will always be available to give them information and answer any questions they may have. 

Now more than ever, in this time of the pandemic, Telehealth in the Philippines must be encouraged and promoted. It is understandable that some patients may be hesitant to subscribe to a Telehealth service since it is considered to be relatively new in the Philippines, however, it is the job of physicians to convince and make their patients aware of the benefits of Telehealth. 

To further help physicians convince their patients to subscribe to a Telehealth service, Global MD Plus is offering a free trial of ALL of their services for 30 days. In this way, both patients and physicians can explore the wonders of Telehealth without having to commit right away. Just head on to to register an account.


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