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Global MD Plus Electronic Medical Record and Electronic Health Record - How Our System Works

by GMDP December 07 2021

Gone are the days for lost, misfiled, and mishandled medical and health records. 

By digitizing these records, patients will now have an efficient method of storing them. All thanks to Electronic Health and Medical Records, also known as EHR and EMR. 

There are a lot of EHR and EMR service providers around the world, including here in the Philippines. One of which is Global MD Plus. 

Global MD Plus is an EMR and EHR system provider based in the Philippines and aims to help physicians and patients improve the quality of healthcare provided with the use of digital innovations. 

What are Electronic Health Records and Electronic Medical Records? 

EMRs and EHRs are usually used interchangeably. However, even if the two systems have similarities, it’s important to note that each record has different functions and unique limitations. 

an electronic medical record is a digital chart used by physicians as a basis for a patient's medical records. It aids physicians in properly diagnosing and treating their patients.

Electronic health records, on the other hand, are more detailed and shareable information and are both used by patients and various healthcare facilities. 

EMRs contain the medical data of the patient and are primarily used for treatments and diagnosis, while EHRs contain vital and more detailed information that can be used by different physicians and/or multiple healthcare facilities.

Benefits of EMR and EHR to both patients and physicians:

  1. They transform a healthcare facility from a purely paper-based system to a more advanced technology system.

  2. They streamline medical processes that will result in faster transactions.

  3. They have better reminder systems.

  4. They reduce record and organizing errors.

You can read more about the benefits of EMR and EHR here

How our system works 

Now that you likely have an understanding of what EMR and EHRs are all about. It's time for you to understand how it works. 

In the Global MD Plus’ feature, patients can automatically have their records stored on an online platform. Patients can either manually upload their records on the system or sometimes, their attending physicians or a healthcare staff member can do it for them. 

Physicians can now easily input their patient's records instead of manually storing them in a physical location that will be hard to access and locate when the time when it is needed the most will come. 

Global MD Plus values security, we make sure that our records are kept with the utmost confidentiality. We also ensure that the records of our clients are well stored and protected. 

With our EMR/EHR system, sending of data reports is now faster. Physicians or laboratory assistants can now easily upload records and reports of a patient. In this way, patients can also track the progress of their patients. 

Global MD Plus also incorporates Patient Portals to their EMR and EHR system. A patient portal contains all of the information physicians and patients need. Patients can manually input any information they may want their physicians to know. 

Not only that, patient portals can now give patients timely reminders of their appointments and consultations. As well as give them the due date of their billing and give them a clear breakdown of their fees. In a manual setting, this is usually a cause of misunderstanding between patients and healthcare staff because staff may spend a long time locating payment requests. 

The aim of digital innovations in healthcare has always been to improve the quality of healthcare services. An electronic medical and health record is truly timely and needed in a fast-paced world. Every single thing can almost be uploaded online so it makes sense that important information like health and medical records should be too. 


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