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Changing How Clinics Work - How Global MD Plus EMR and EHR System Can Improve Patient Care Service

by GMDP December 21 2021

Nothing in this world is constant. Everything is evolving and changing. Even the way we do healthcare. 

One of the goals of physicians is to improve the quality of health and patient care. Health service providers like Global MD Plus also share the same goal. 

Global MD Plus is an Philippine-based EMR and EHR system provider that aims to help physicians and patients improve the quality of healthcare provided with the use of digital innovations.

What are Electronic Health Records? 

Electronic health records help patients view their healthcare history and can quickly work on what needs to be improved holistically. This makes the patient feel more secure because it makes them part of the whole process. This promotes awareness of their medical condition.

What are Electronic Medical Records? 

Electronic medical records help in assisting create a more organized and coordinated flow of healthcare processes that will eventually improve the quality of patient care. With the help of this system, both patients and physicians will be quickly and easily informed of the necessary medical data they may need anytime and anywhere.

EMRs and EHRs are oftentimes used interchangeably. Yet even if the two systems have similarities, it’s important to note that each record has different functions and unique uses. It is encouraged that patients and physicians use both systems.

How Global MD Plus EMR and EHR System Can Improve  Patient Care Service

We improve Patient Care by digitizing patient’s health and medical records. 

Patients can now either manually upload their records on the system or sometimes, their attending physicians or a healthcare staff member may do the uploading of records for them. 

With an easy to use interface, Physicians can now quickly input their patient's records instead of manually storing them in a physical location that will be hard to access and locate when the time when it is needed the most will come. 

Patients can now also have an easy way to view their records anytime they may want to. They will no longer have to call and request for their records from a healthcare facility because they can now access it through a smart device. 

We improve Patient Care by streamlining routine tasks and reports. 

With our EMR/EHR system, sending of data reports will now be faster. Physicians or laboratory assistants can now easily upload records and reports of a patient. In this way, patients can also track the progress of their results. 

Healthcare staff need not to also do labor-intensive tasks like compiling and filing, because our system does it for them. In this way, healthcare workers can now focus on being more engaged with the patients. 

We improve Patient Care by incorporating patient portals to our system. 

A patient portal contains all of the information physicians and patients need. From health and medical records, frequently asked questions, billinings, schedules, reminders and many more. Patients can manually input any information they may want their physicians to know in a single platform. 

Patient portals can now give patients timely reminders of their appointments and consultations. As well as give them the due date of their billing and give them a clear breakdown of their fees.

In a traditional setting, this may be a cause of misunderstanding between patients and healthcare staff because staff may spend a long time locating payment requests and patient's receipts. 

Electronic Health and Medical Record systems have always been helpful to both patients and physicians. Digital innovations just like EMR and EHR also help patients become more engaged in their own health. Becoming more engaged in their own health will surely benefit them in the long run. 


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