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Benefits of Using Global MD Plus Electronic Medical Record and Electronic Health Record System

by GMDP December 14 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the word into a crisis. Especially in the healthcare industry. Although the pandemic has negatively impacted the industry, it also paved the way for the rise of the Electronic Health Record and Electronic Medical Record systems. 

What is an Electronic Health Record?

To further improve the communication between physicians and patients, electronic health records help patients view their healthcare history and can quickly work on what needs to be improved holistically. This makes the patient feel more secure because it makes them part of the whole process. This promotes awareness of their medical condition.

What is an Electronic Medical Record?

Electronic medical records in the Philippines and in general, help in assisting create a more organized and coordinated flow of healthcare processes that will eventually improve the quality of patient care. With the help of this system, both patients and physicians will be quickly and easily informed of the necessary medical data they may need anytime and anywhere.

Knowing the definition of both EHR and EMR will help physicians better understand how they work.It is encouraged, however, that physicians use both systems to further improve their practice. 

Choosing the right service provider may be a tough decision to make for both patients and physicians. Thankfully, local providers like Global MD Plus are here to help. 

Benefits of Using Global MD Plus Electronic Medical Record and Electronic Health Record System


Not only does Global MD have both Electronic Health Record and Electronic Health Record, they also have Telehealth. The Telehealth feature also comes with virtual consultations, patient portal, user support and administrative support. 

Having a service provider that offers a variety of services will help physicians be on the right track. Should they want to add features and services to their practice in the near future, they may do so without having to terminate their contract and find another service provider. 


To give you a dry run of what an Electronic Health and Medical Records system does to your practice, Global MD Plus is giving a free 30-day trial of all of their services. In this way, you may explore the features of their services without having to commit in an instant.

For only 990 Pesos a month, you may now have access to their features including electronic health record and electronic medical record. Global MD Plus’ Telehealth system offers Telemedicine, Electronic Health Records, and Electronic Medical Records. They use accurate and updated information to bring patients’ information to physicians whenever they may need it.

Their Telehealth program is convenient and accessible to all patients especially those who have mobility concerns. It also gives physicians the convenience of treating patients without traveling long distances.

Local Provider

Physicians are encouraged to subscribe to a local provider to ensure smoother transactions. When it comes to billing and finances, a local Telehealth provider is an ideal choice. Electronic payments are made easy because of the various local options. No currency exchange is needed anymore and that lessens the burdens of both patients and healthcare facilities.

Global MD Plus is based in the Philippines and is made to adjust to the needs of Filipino patients and physicians. Since Global MD Plus is Philippine-based, there will be lesser miscommunication and the policies that are being practiced are the same.

Global MD Plus aims to bridge the gap between physicians and patients. They believe that through healthcare innovations, the quality of healthcare given to patients may be drastically improved. 

Should you want to avail Global MD Plus free trial, just simply head on to their website, to register.


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