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5 Reasons Why Philippine Lawmakers Must Prioritize Healthcare Now

by GMDP December 24 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unfortunate reminder for us to take better care of our health. 

Not only did the pandemic affect the health of millions of people, but the economy of every country as well. Every country’s government today is trying their best to revive their economy yet it is entirely possible that they may neglect the allocation of time and resources for healthcare, in contrast to the fact that it is needed the most during this time of the pandemic. 

Here in the Philippines, a lot of people were and may still be greatly affected by this COVID-19 pandemic. For months, the Philippines stayed as the country with the most cases in Southeast Asia. 

With this, it is truly safe to say that the Philippine government must prioritize the needs and requirements of the healthcare industry. 

5 Reasons Why Philippine Lawmakers Must Prioritize Healthcare Now

  1. Prioritizing Healthcare Will Improve The Economy

Economic historians have said that healthcare plays a huge role in the growth of a country’s economy. 

For example, when people prioritize healthcare more, it will lead to less absences and sick leaves. In return, people will have more working days and that improves the economy. 

When healthcare is prioritized, the number of people in the workforce will significantly stay or increase, because people will not most likely retire because of health complications. 

  1. Prioritizing Healthcare Will Encourage Resiliency 

There are truly devastating outcomes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. On a lighter note, we have also learned lessons from it. Lessons that will help us improve our ways, and lessons that we can apply if ever there will be another pandemic. 

We can use the things we learned from this pandemic and apply it to ourselves and as a community. We know by now that attitude and behavior also play an important role for us to lessen the negative effects of the pandemic. 

People will be more open to vaccinations and treatments now and ideall, the young ones will grow as healthy and thriving adults that will help the country as well. 

  1. Prioritizing Healthcare Will Promote Social Fairness

It goes without saying that everyone is affected by the pandemic. Whether you are rich or poor, the pandemic has indeed affected you in some way. 

Although, we must admit, the poor had it worse than the rich. When the government has prioritized healthcare, everyone will have access to public healthcare. 

It is important for a country to first recognize that the lower classes are in a disadvantageous position in this pandemic. So that it will be considered and lawmakers will be able to think of laws that will improve public health for all. 

  1. Prioritizing Healthcare Will Improve Treatments For Other Diseases 

Even before the country and the world in general was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, other people especially the elderly already have their underlying health problems. 

If lawmakers will prioritize healthcare in this momentum of the pandemic, the country will be more open to improve the treatments of other diseases. In this way, the health of the community will be improved as a whole. 

We do not wish it, but if another pandemic comes along after some years, we all know that people with preexisting health problems are more prone to catching the virus. That is why it is important for lawmakers to start prioritizing healthcare to improve the lives of a country's people in the long run. 

  1. Prioritizing Healthcare Will Pave The Way For More Healthcare Innovations 

This pandemic has shed a light on multiple health innovations such as Telehealth, Electronic Health Records and Electronic Medical Records. 

We have seen how greatly it has improved the way physicians deliver patient care to patients. If this continues and healthcare will be more prioritized, more and more healthcare innovations will rise. 

Healthcare innovations help both patients and physicians streamline routine tasks. In this modern and technology-driven world digitizing records and consultations help people be more safe from contracting the virus while still being able to look out for themselves and their health. 

Lawmakers are indeed helping a country thrive. By creating laws and regulations that will promote harmony and success in a community. 

Not only does better healthcare improve the physical health of an individual, but it also helps them emotionally, mentally and psychologically. 

Individuals need to be assured that they live in a country where their health is, if not the number one, then one of the top priorities of a country's government. 

People thrive more when they do not worry about their safety and their family's safety all the time. They would want to live in a country where healthcare can be accessible to anyone, regardless of socioeconomic status, race, age and position in the society anytime they may need it. 

A great healthcare helps people live to their full potential so it makes sense that it should be prioritized too. 


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